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About Hotel The Kantipur
A Little About Us

Kantipur is the poetic name of ancient Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. This poetic essence although disappearing in Kathmandu, was materialized in Pokhara before 30 years along with the combination of beauty, comfort and taste.
A fusion of artistically constructed stoned bungalows with modern designed rooms, Hotel the Kantipur strives to offer our guests authentic Nepalese hospitality in the heart of Pokhara,
Lakeside. With serene and tranquil environment enveloping the majestic garden, the hotel
catapults its dwellers back to the greenery of nature and promises a splendid stay. The hotel is an urban oasis offering the best panoramic view of the spectacular Annaupurna mountain range


Hotel the Kantipur first opened its doors to its travellers in 1980. This hotel was envisioned by an impoverished boy from a little village, Bhojpur. The untimely death of his father meant that he had to provide for his family of ten. Countless menial jobs from washing dishes to being a bouncer led him to save up enough money, while still providing for his family, to open a restaurant. His diligence and affable nature persevered in making his business thrive. Since then, he has opened up many businesses providing employment for about 300 people. Stories about his philanthropy is spread wide across Pokhara. He has contributed and donated substantial amount from his profits for the welfare of the people. Now he is a motivational figure for many, especially youths from villages who has a similar story like his. Please allow ourselves to make you a part of this amazing story in our abode Hotel the Kantipur.